About Beta Academy

It is Beta Academy’s intention to effect positive change and transform lives.  There is no cause that is more noble and obtainable than empowering young scholars to achieve academic success.  We each have one lifetime, and the Executive Director, Campus Leaders, and Governing Board's commitment is to dedicate ours to this endeavor.  We are passionate about providing an innovative, individualized, and rigorous education for scholars, with the goal of unlocking untapped potential and cultivating a life-long enthusiasm for learning.


At the heart of Beta Academy (BA) is our passion to teach scholars the importance of hard work, character development, and perseverance. We do this through joyful rigor--engaging, dynamic learning that is academically, intellectually, and personally challenging. Through academic rigor, we meet all scholars at their individual levels and challenge them to reach their highest potential. We foster a love of learning, encouraging our scholars to persevere when they encounter opportunities for growth and celebrating their achievements and ultimate success.

Our Vision

The vision of Beta Academy is to establish a world-class school through a culture of “joyful rigor” to develop scholars and leaders who can contribute competitively on a community, national, and international level.

Our Mission

The fundamental mission and purpose of Beta Academy (BA) is to create a school with an environment of hope that not only nurtures but challenges students to become successful academically and in life. We exist to help families find the best educational fit for their children.


We purpose to provide a haven of differentiated learning for students who are slipping through the cracks and “left behind” in their current academic environments. Research shows too many children are performing below grade level in reading and math, as well as other content areas. It is BA’s goal to turn the tides of mediocre education and create a culture of positive change to bring our scholars into a place of global competitiveness.


Beta is the initial letter of the Greek word ΒΕΒΑΙΟΣ, which signifies honor. Honor is a personal quality of the highest value. Honorable people are esteemed, considered to be trustworthy, and admired by others because they live a life worthy of such recognition. At Beta Academy, we teach the importance of living an honorable life, one bound by integrity and ethical decision-making. Beta Academy instills in each of their scholars respect for others and leadership to the benefit of humankind.

Beta Academy Creed

I am a scholar of excellence. I am dedicated to a life of learning, integrity, high academics, physical fitness, and a life of quality without compromise. I will not lie, cheat, slander or steal, or tolerate those who do. I will serve as an example to my friends and community, pursuing excellence in all areas of my life today.

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