Joy is what we do. Beta Academy is most known for our vivacious and lively classrooms. Teachers use explosive chants, beating drums, and meaningful movement to create joyful and engaging learning environments. We use the following instructional methods to create our secret sauce.


Whole Brain Teaching


A dynamic instructional method that engages multiple parts of the brain at once. Learning comes alive through discussion, movement, reasoning, rhythm, games, and visuals thereby maximizing the brain’s resources to exponentially increase student learning.



Hands-on Learning


We unleash the power of learning by doing.  Moving beyond lecture and theory, we turn the classroom into a learning lab where students perform experiments, create, build, construct, and learn through trial and error.


Interactive Student Notebook


Students create an interactive book where they record and interact with new content in creative ways. Every page leads them to levels of higher order thinking through Bloom’s taxonomy.

Character Education


We teach the importance of living an honorable life; one bound by integrity and ethical decision making. We instill leadership skills and respect for others for the benefit of all mankind.

Cooperative Learning


Scholars engage in powerful learning through collaboration and group discussion. They give and share ideas. They learn to value the voices and opinions of others, and they practice both giving and receiving feedback with respect and honor.

Socratic Method


Our scholars develop disciplined conversation and critical thinking through Socratic Seminars. As scholars engage in exploratory dialogue, they practice socialization techniques such as carefully listening without interrupting, making eye contact, and addressing each other by name.

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